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You walk into your house after work and find Albert Einstein standing in your kitchen talking to Thomas Aquinas. They turn to face you and say “Ah. You are here. There has been an issue. We are gathering all of the most brilliant minds in history to fix it and we need your help.” You […]


Alone Part Three: Home

INTRO: Hello. This is the final chapter of the three-part series: Alone. PLEASE READ THE FIRST AND SECOND PARTS FIRST! It will make a lot more sense if you do it that way. I hope you all enjoy this story. Enjoy, All Kinds   We have found six clocks, all saying the same number. We found the […]

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Halloween is here! Halloween is our favorite season and we cannot wait to share it with you! Instead of writing prompt Wednesday, we will have spooky Saturday. For the next few weeks we will post a Halloween based prompt on Saturday and a story on Monday. Enjoy, All kinds It is Halloween night and you […]


Alone Part Two: The Clock

INTRO: Hello everyone. Here is part two of the three part mini-series: Alone. I hope you all enjoy. READ PART ONE FIRST! PLEASE! Have fun, All kinds It’s been one week since we disappeared. I think. Time doesn’t move here, wherever ‘here’ is. In the entire week, we haven’t found a single clue as too […]

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Writing prompt Wednesday #1

Hello, welcome to the first ever “Weekly Wednesday Writing prompt”. Here is Today’s prompt:   You open your chemistry textbook for the first time to find strange symbols and scribbles all over the margins telling you how to turn a wallet into a bird and many other spells and charms.   I would love to […]

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INTRO: Hey guys, sorry this is so short but I will try to write stories of different lengths so that there are stories for all kinds of readers. Enjoy the story, All kinds   The alarm blared in Isla’s ears. She smacked the desk next to her until her hand found the button to turn […]

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Hello and welcome to my blog. This is a site for creativity and imagination to run wild and have fun. On this blog, I will be posting mostly short stories and some prompts. All Kinds is a blog for all kinds of people. I write stories with the most diverse characters possible and I try […]

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